New engraved products - Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts

Our new Engraved Hip Flasks, Engraved Key Rings, Engraved Bottle openers and everything else engraved are such a welcome addition to our ever growing website.

So we thought we would give you our top picks for the best Ideas for Groomsmen Gifts:

1, The Key Ring  - Chrome Rectangular Keyring £5.99

These little keyrings are the perfect little gift for your groomsmen. Personalise these however you like. They are 7.5cm x 3.5cm which allows a great area for engraving any nice message that you'd like to send to your groomsmen 

2. The Mini Bottle Opener - Silver Steel Bottle Opener Keyring £3.99

A good groomsmen is a well equipped groomsmen. Imagine being in the middle of a busy bustling room with a sealed bottle of beer only to reach into your pocket and realise that you can't open your quenching beverage. You turn to your right and to your left and all of your Groomsmen are holding our their bottle opener keyring! 
Small enough to have on their keys but big enough to send a meaningful message this one is a great pick for a groomsmens gift.

3. The Mini Hip flask - Steel Mini Key Ring Hip Flask £7.00

So you know how earlier we were saying about being unprepared with no bottle opener. 

Lets go one step deeper

Imagine being at your top table, almost ready to give a speech but you need a quick swig of courage to keep you topped up and ready to make the room howl. You look down to grab your glass...damn... empty. But what's this, a hand extends from your left and hands you their engraved mini hip flask full with delicious nectar.

Sounds good right? 

Well why not grab a few of these for your groomsmen or even add it to your groomsmen gift set?

4, A gift set - Black Hip Flask Gift Set - £21.99

Shall we take this to the NEXT LEVEL - I mean, you've got your groomsmen and then you've got your "Groomsmen". You catch my drift, the together forever guys, the bromantics out there. This is the one for you. Matt black for the moody masculine look, and some shot glasses to share between you.
This gift is built for the day and for the future and they will feel like the bee's knees then you furnish them with this prized goodie.

5, A Pocket Watch - Open Front Roman Numeral Silver Pocket Watch £22.99

I know what you're thinking, what could possibly trump that last gift.

Yeah it was good but how much do your groomsmen really mean to you. If it's as much as you say it is, is £22.99 really too much to pay to show them how important they are on your most important day? The answer my friend, is no!

Not only is this a gift to help them on the day, keep them on time and in turn keep you in time too, after all it's going to be a chaotic time on your special day you're going to need all the support you can get. So get your groomsmen this gift. Engrave it with a special message which will mean the world to them. 


That's my round up for the top 5 Groomsmen gifts for 2022. Check out the collections yourself as we've got something for everyone! 

If you need any further info or would like a bulk price or a bundle deal give use an email or a call 01952 474131

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