Using QR codes to bring your workwear into 2023

Funny topic this really - 4 years ago I could've never imagined writing a blog on how you can use QR codes on workwear but here we are in 2023 looking at printed workwear in a whole new way.

As the world reconnects in person after the big disconnect of COVID we find ourselves in a world of eagerness and fast paced activity. With this comes the desire for immediate information. 

Well with this in mind I've composed a couple of top ways you might be able to leverage peoples desire for instant information with QR codes on your workwear in 2023 and onwards.


  1. Instant Access to Information In today's fast-paced world, people want information instantly. QR codes can help businesses provide instant access to information whether thats all your social media links, your newest your tube channel or even your digital business card, making it easier for customers and employees to access relevant information quickly. I have a qr code app on my phone instead of a business card these days as well as a handful of cards for the old schoolers.

  2. Improved Brand Visibility, QR codes on workwear and promotional products can also be used for marketing and branding purposes. Businesses can use QR codes to direct to product pages, leading to increased brand visibility and customer engagement. A lot of the time its quite hard to navigate product information and with the increasing demand for clarity on company process behind products as well as information about the makeup of the product the QR code is the perfect use of this especially if your selling a new brand of decorated hoodies! 

  3. Contactless Interactions In 2023, contactless interactions will likely continue to be a significant trend, and QR codes can help facilitate these interactions. For example, QR codes on workwear can be used for contactless payments, if you're at a show or event your nominated employee could be wearing the QR shirt and be the hub for the payments for the day, allowing customers to pay for products or services without touching cash or credit cards. Additionally, QR codes can be used for contactless check-ins so spread your band reach on social media allowing people to extend their feeling of community and affinity with your company or brand with ease.

In conclusion, incorporating QR codes into workwear can bring numerous benefits for businesses in 2023. From instant access to information and efficient workflows to enhanced security and improved brand visibility, QR codes can help businesses streamline operations, attract new customers, and stand out in a crowded market. Moreover, as contactless interactions continue to be a significant trend, businesses can use QR codes to provide customers with a seamless and safe experience. We're looking forward how this trend as well as NFC tags get used more and more in the space that we are moving into.

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