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Aluminium Signage 3mm

Aluminium Signage 3mm

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This product has grown to be a favourite in modern signage, either as a rigid, sturdy, high quality flat sign board or as a stylish light weight solution for stand-off lettering, CNC routered shapes and folded sign trays

This grade has a 0.3mm skin thickness which is the grade needed for routing and folding into a sign tray


This none corrosive product comes with a high quality paint finish, gloss on one side and matt on the reverse side.

Both sides are covered with a film coating to help prevent damage during transport, fabrication and installation


This sturdy, high quality product has been used in various other applications such as building site cladding, shop fitting, television set design, certain cladding applications and many more


For information on this signage's advantages and disadvantages check out our blog post:


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