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Mudd Kings compression calf sleeves

Mudd Kings compression calf sleeves

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Material: 70% nylon/30% elastane.
Super soft, quick dry breathable fabric.
Thin and lightweight to maximise heat emission.
Graduated compression: 15-20mmHg.
Seamless 360° knit.
Relieves and prevents poor circulation, calf cramps, shin splints and general pain from sports.
360° compression around calf absorbs 'shockwave' effect on muscles, veins and joints.
Increases circulation and reduces lactic acid build-up and muscle fatigue during exercise and running.
Helps improve blood flow during air travel.
Easy to pull on and off.
Shaped to fit design, supporting body's natural angles.
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Xs - 30-34 cm calf circumference

S- 34-38 cm calf circumference 

M - 38-42 cm calf circumference 

L - 42-46 cm calf circumference 

XL - 46-50 cm calf circumference 

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